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About Us

Our Aims, Ethos & Philosophy

At Marcham CE Primary School, our aim and purpose is summed up in our mission statement: “to achieve excellence in education in a safe, caring, collaborative community where learning is fun”. We are a caring and happy school that encourages everyone, both children and staff, to give their best. We provide a lively and enriching curriculum – both inside and out of the classroom – that recognises and values each child. During the years your child spends with us, we share a whole range of experiences in which they can learn and develop the skills, knowledge, attributes and understanding needed for their future.

Our vision for Marcham CE Primary School is rooted on a foundation of Christian values and principles which include respect, perseverance, courage, friendship, compassion and responsibility. They form the basis of the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and moral development of our children. These values are addressed through specific lessons, assemblies and acts of worship, but we also embed these ideals throughout the whole curriculum. We encourage the whole school community to take greater responsibility for their own behaviour, actions and learning. As adults, we lead by example and demonstrate to the children that we care for them, have a positive perception of them, understand their feelings and listen to their views. We strive to create a positive climate for all within the school, where everyone is valued and respected and where disrespectful attitudes and actions are challenged should they arise. It is important, as the children grow up, that they learn to choose, develop and deepen their own positive values and consider the implications of their choices in relation to themselves, the communities of which they are a part and society at large. Our aim is for our pupils to become confident, independent learners, able to contribute actively in a fast-changing, vibrant society.