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Welcome to Giraffes

Welcome to year 6

I am very much looking forward to teaching your child this year and working with you to ensure that your child enjoys their time in year 6.  Please approach me if you have any concerns or worries about your child this year.  You will be able to pop in to see our new classroom and meet me after school on Monday 25th September.

There is a curriculum map on the school website for your reference showing the topics we cover in year 6.  Please be aware that we are undergoing a school curriculum review and content beyond Christmas is likely to change.

Dates to be aware of in advance:

  • 7th December 2017 – Class visit IMPS (first aid training).
  • 8th November 2017 – Visit to Natural History museum in Oxford.
  • November/December – Potential visit to cinema to see a viewing of our class book Wonder.
  • 1st week of March 2018 – Youlbury provisionally booked.
  • 14th -17th May 2018 – Key Stage 2 Assessments.
    Until end of June 2018 – Assessed writing pieces.


This term, PE will take place on a Thursday and a Friday afternoon so children will need kit for those days.  PE will be either Gymnastics or swimming on a Thursday and Football or Cycling on a Friday.  Friday PE will be outside so please encourage your child to makes sure they have the appropriate kit.


The children are enjoying using a Learning Journal app on the iPad called Seesaw.  They are able to photograph and video work they are proud of and complete tasks set by me in lessons.  I will also ask your child to update me on their reading through Seesaw in class, approximately once a week, rather than completing a reading diary at home.

I will send you a letter home with your child to invite you to access Seesaw (either as an app or through the website) so that you can view the items your child posts.  It is a lovely way to gain an insight into some of the things they get up to in school and for you to give them positive feedback and encouragement on their work.

If you are aware of Tapestry in Preschool and Reception classes, it works in a similar way. You can choose who in your family has access to your child’s journal.  Once this letter is signed and returned, I will send home your unique access code.


The children seem enthusiastic about books this year and some children obviously love reading.  Some have told me about their reading routine at home too, where they know they read for a set time each day.  If this is not part of your daily routine, I strongly encourage you to put this in place (see homework below).  Reading is an area that you can have a huge impact on for your child and can help them to develop their own writing, spelling and general knowledge of the world.  Some of the children in year 6 would benefit from being listened to read and even being read to.

One of the criteria I have to assess the children on at the end of the year is if they ‘read age-appropriate books with confidence and fluency (including whole novels)’.  This is not something that your child can decide to do at the end of year 6 for a couple of weeks so I feel that it is only fair to give you and your child as much notice as possible about this requirement.  Children who do not read outside of school will find it harder to meet end of key stage expectations.

To support you in encouraging your child to read age appropriate texts, I have put on the website a list of 100 books to read in year 5/6.  Many of these are already available in class and I will endeavour to add to these during the course of the year.  There are a couple of books on the list that will only suit mature pupils for example The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, so please use your discretion as you see fit.

I will do all I can to encourage a love of reading this year and hope you will too but please speak to me early on in the year if your child is not reading at home and we can work together on this.    


Your support in ensuring your child completes their homework is appreciated.

All homework is due in by the Wednesday of each week.  Children not handing homework in will need to complete this during a Friday lunchtime.

Reading: 4 times a week for 20 minutes.

Spellings: An activity will be sent home each week.  This list of words on that activity should be practised several times throughout the week (e.g. 10 mins 3 times a week in addition to the homework set).

Times tables: Mrs Kidd will send home targeted tables homework.  Again tables should be practised several times throughout the week (e.g. 10 mins 3 times and week in addition to the homework set).

Numeracy, SPAG, Reading comprehension:

From this week your child will start to bring home a booklet for each of these areas.  One task should be completed each week in order in each book.  Each task should take 10-20 minutes to complete.  These should not be sat as a test and your child should access materials they need to complete the task.  I am providing your child with a Grammar sheet explaining and giving examples of the terms they are expected to learn.  If you nned to give your child a lot of support with a particular question please indicate this on the homework so that I am aware of what your child can and cannot complete independently.

Optional homework:

Your child may wish to undertake additional research, make models, videos, posters, presentations in relation to our topics.  These are welcomed and time will be given in class for them to be shared and displayed.

Once again, I look forward to working with you this year and I hope that you have found this information useful.

With thanks
Lisa Lowe