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Welcome to Kangaroos

Kangaroos Newsletter Summer Term 2017

Class teachers
Mrs Katherine Johnson (Monday, Tuesday morning, Wednesday)
Mr Josh Clack (Tuesday afternoon, Thursday, Friday)

Teaching Assistant
Miss Amy Metcalf

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter, eating chocolate eggs and relaxing after a very long term!

As usual, we have a lot planned for the class over the coming weeks. Our topic this term is Modern Europe: Wish you were here, with the class focusing on the country of Spain. The children will take a journey around this common holiday destination, discovering what makes Spain unique. This will involve the class using map skills to research the famous cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia; tasting and preparing Spanish food; building famous architectural sites from Bilbao; and comparing Spanish culture to how we live our lives in Britain. In literacy, we will be reading James and the Giant Peach, examining the characters and story so that we can develop our writing skills. This term, the class will write a diary entry, a letter and a non-chronological report, as well as studying the necessary elements of grammar, spelling and handwriting. In maths, we will start the term with area and perimeter, alongside short division. Then, as the term progresses, we will be looking at translation, rounding decimals, capacity and coordinates. This term’s science focuses on habitats in our local area, with the class learning about the 7 life processes (MRS NERG), searching for mini-beasts, classifying animals using a dichotomous key and drawing scientific diagrams. As normal, P.E will usually be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, both inside and outside. This term’s focus will be on tennis and Maypole, so please make sure P.E kit, including trainers, is in school every day as we do have extra sessions. If your child is unable to participate in P.E lessons, please send in a note.

This term, the class will also be going on a one night residential to Youlbury on the 15th and 16th of May. We have already sent the details, but if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Homework will be set every Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday. Homework will be set in maths, literacy or topic and will be an extension of the work in class. It will be in the form of worksheets, games or a project. As normal, the children will also receive speed maths sheets on the Friday, practicing the key skills the class will need in numeracy. Alongside this, every 2 weeks, Mathletics will be set which will reinforce and practice the skills learnt in class. Twice a term (6 times a year), homework will be in the form of a ‘Learning Log’ where children will be given an area to research, usually linked to work in class and they can present it in any way they wish over a double A4 spread. Children should spend between 20 to 30 minutes on their homework. Homework will always be explained in class. Please let us know if your child has no access to a laptop, or if you are experiencing problems with the internet and we will make alternative provision for you if the homework requires internet access.

As you know, the way we tackle spellings has now changed, with the class now required to complete a spelling homework that will be given out every Thursday. This will help the class recognise patterns and retain those tricky spellings so that they can be used in their written work. Reading is an important part of your child’s learning, so each child needs to read at home to an adult at least 4 times a week for about 15-20 mins. Please sign the reading record book each time your child has read and encourage your child to record their own reading. Your child will also have a Reading Passport where every 10 minutes reading at home is equivalent to 500 miles. The challenge is to travel around the world. Reading records will be checked on your child’s guided reading day and the passport filled in.

Instant recall of times tables becomes more important as your child moves though the school. We aim, at the end of Year 4, for children to know all tables up to 12×12. Please continue to support your child in learning their tables at home.  Some children have specific tables that they are learning and some children are working on remembering all tables. We thank Ava and Freya’s mum for their continued support in helping the children with this on a Friday afternoon.

Year 3 children are continuing to relish the opportunity to learn a stringed instrument, with music lessons taught on a Wednesday morning by Mrs Rosie Bruce from the County Music Service. We would also encourage the class to attend after school clubs, with a new set of sports introduced every term. In particular, football club is now open to year 3 students every Friday, so it would be great to see a few extra faces.

If you have more specific questions please do not hesitate to catch us after school, email or telephone the school office and we will endeavour to see you as soon as possible.

We are enjoying the opportunity to teach your children and we would like to thank you for your support.

Katherine Johnson & Josh Clack