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Our Governors

The main role of the governing body at Marcham CE Primary School is to help raise the standards and performance of the school by supporting the work of the headteacher and the staff. Governors support and, at the same time, challenge the headteacher by asking questions, gathering views and evidence, and deciding what is best for the school. Governors have a strategic overview and make important decisions on policies and practice. Governors at Marcham are actively involved and get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that they make a significant contribution to the promotion of high quality teaching, a love of learning and the benefits the children gain from their efforts.

Our Current Governing Body

Date of Appointment
Term of Office
Committee Member
Business Interests
Other Educational
Mr R France (Chair) Foundation 11/10/2014 4 Resources None None
Mr C Frost (Vice Chair) Co-opted 12/10/2016 4 SICC None None
Mrs V Hutchinson (Head) Head n/a n/a Resources & SICC None None
Dalvinder Haire Mulley Clerk 2013 n/a n/a None None
Mrs K Johnson Teacher Governor n/a n/a SICC None None
Mrs J Kidd Parent Governor 03/11/2014 4 SICC Husband is Chair of PTA None
Anne Wilson Foundation 06/10/2014 4 SICC None None
Rosemary Sierbert Foundation 01/05/2016 4 SICC None None
Mrs S Walton Local Authority 02/06/2014 4 SICC Teacher at
Standlake Primary School
Mrs T Sandall Co-opted n/a n/a SICC School Caretaker None
Mr C Chisholm Co-opted 12/10/2016 4 Resources None None
Olive Lewis Co-opted 14/04/2014 4 Resources None None
Ellie Wright Co-opted 20/01/2016 4 SICC None None
Mr J Kavanagh Co-opted 20/01/2016 4 Resources None None