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Our Staff

We are delighted to have a dedicated and committed staff at Marcham CE Primary School. Whether teacher or teaching assistant, lunchtime supervisor or school administrator, we believe that as a team we work together with our pupils’ development, welfare and progress at the core of our practice. We see ourselves as a community where everyone is a learner. We also take our responsibility in the promotion and safeguarding of our pupils very seriously. The interests of the child are paramount and take priority over professional loyalties.


Mrs V Hutchinson

Senior Teacher
Mrs K Johnson


Pandas (Rec) : Mrs K Hookham and Miss R Wagstaff
Tigers (Y1) : Miss E Bowles and Mrs K Hill
Leopards (Y2) : Mr T Codd and Mrs K Hill
Kangaroos (Y3/4) : Mrs K Johnson and Mr J Clack
Meerkats (Y4/5) : Mrs M Sucksmith and Mrs F Gold
Giraffes (Y6) : Mrs L Lowe and Mrs J Kidd

Teaching Assistants

Miss B Croker
Mrs G Ferryman
Ms M Hodge
Mrs S Kilbee
Miss A Metcalf
Mrs E Vaux

Mrs J Jefferies
Mrs J Wood

Mrs T Sandall

Lunch Time Supervisor
Ms M Belcher