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Autumn 2020


I am very much looking forward to teaching your child this year and they have all made an excellent start to the year.  Of course, we are lucky to be in the lovely new classrooms too.  There is a topic web on the class page on the website that lets you know what we are studying this term and there will be a class meeting to find out a bit more.  This letter lets you know about PE and homework.



PE is timetabled for Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  PE will be outside at present so as the weather gets colder children will need warm clothing for PE, for example jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt.



This will be given out/set on a Monday and will be due in on a Friday.  Initially, I will send paper copies home but so I would ask you and your child to accept the invite to Google Classroom as soon as possible so homework can be communicated through that.  I have added additional optional homework tasks to Google Classroom if your child wants to pursue other aspects of our topic work at home.  At the moment, children should expect reading, spellings and times tables to work on.  Shortly, I will be asking for your permission for the children to access an online reading programme which will become part of their weekly reading.  Homework will change later in the year for SATs preparation and I will communicate with you about that at the relevant time.   


Reading homework

The golden time for reading is thought to be 20 minutes a day.  I am committing 10 minutes of our day where I read our class book to your child.  We are thoroughly enjoying Crater Lake at the minute.  I ask that you commit the same.  10 minutes to listen to your child read Monday to Friday.  This should be recorded in the reading diary.  Where this is not feasible, I am still expecting the children to be responsible readers and take responsibility for their own reading and recording.  I will collect the reading records in on a Friday to mark and give them back out on a Monday. 


Spelling homework

At present, the children will bring home a set of Y5/6 words to learn and work on and move onto a new set when they can spell the majority of those words correctly.  In some instances Y3/4 words will be sent instead.  We will learn other rules and patterns in class so it is vital that children spend time learning these words at home as class time will be devoted to learning other rules not always the spellings sent home.    Spelling shed will also be utilised when it is set up and running and I will expect the children to complete 10 games on spelling shed.  It is better that this is split up across the week, rather than completing all in one go. 


Time tables homework

Children will be asked to work on their tables using Time Table Rockstars.  Recall of table facts are required in nearly every strand of maths that your child studies.  I will set 10 games a week for the children to complete. Again this is better spread out across the week rather than all in one go.  Accuracy is more important than speed.      


If you do not have access to technology for homework please let me know and we can make alternative arrangements. 

If you have any further questions please direct those to the office at this time and I will try to answer those when we meet for our class meeting. 

Many thanks

Lisa Lowe 


Year 6 used oil pastels and watercolours to draw and paint leaves from the playground - October 2020

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