Marcham C of E Primary School

"Where Christian values are integral and learning is fun"

Opening Times

Our School Day 


07:45 - School Opens (Breakfast Club)


08:35 - School Gates Open 


08:45 School Registration and Morning Teaching Begins

10.40 - 10.55 Morning Break

11.45 - 13.00 Staggered 1-hour lunch break including lunch in dinner hall and outside play

13.00 Afternoon Teaching Begins

15:15 School Day Ends


Total hours in school week: 32 hours and 30 minutes 


18:15 - School Closes (After School Club Monday to Thursday) and 17:15 on a Friday



Each classroom has their own entrance gate. On arrival, children go straight to their classrooms to begin the day with morning activities. We encourage parents, when children first start school, to share these morning tasks with their children as they get used to the routines of the school day. However, by the time the children are in Year 1, they are expected to be more independent at settling into daily routines.



Children are encouraged to bring a healthy fruit snack for morning break. Other snacks are not  allowed, except where there are specific dietary needs (such as diabetic requirements) that have been agreed with the Headteacher.

For the younger children, there is a much more flexible day. Play is celebrated as a crucial aspect of children’s development and they use the outside areas continually as part of their learning.

Although we have water fountains, we also actively encourage children to bring their own water bottles (available for £1 from the school office). The drinking of water (not juice) is encouraged.


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