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Wolves Class Letter – Spring Term 2021


Wolves Topic Web – Spring Term


Welcome back and a very happy new year to you all.  After such a challenging 2020, I do hope that 2021 brings with it more certainty, good health and happiness for us all.


In Year 5 this term we are going to be basing much of our learning on the topic of Rainforests, particularly those in the South America.  Please find a summary below.  Our PE days continue to be towards the end of the week (Thursday or Friday) and homework is given on Friday and due in the following Thursday.  Thank you for supporting your child to meet our ‘Ten Minutes a Day’ reading at home pledge.  Your comments in their reading records are much appreciated.  Let’s keep that up.


It was wonderful to talk to you all at the recent parents’ meetings.  We shall be holding further meetings in March but if there are any issues that crop up in the meantime, please do get in touch.



Linking with our Amazonian theme, we shall be starting the year with a narrative unit using Katherine Rundell’s ‘The Explorer’ for inspiration.


We will be producing non-chronological reports to accompany the beautiful illustrations of rainforest animals in ‘Wild Animals of the South’ by Dieter Braun.


‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea’ by Jeannie Baker, will allow us to find out about Australian rainforests and to debate and produce written arguments on how the natural resources they are home to are used by man,


Finally, using ‘The Lost Words’ for inspiration, we will write poems about those things that might be lost in the rainforests should deforestation continue at its current rate.



We begin 2021 where we left off in 2020 with further exploration of multiplication and division. 


It is the expectation that children are fluent in their times tables to 12x12 by the end of Year 4.  If your child is not, please spend some time at home each week practising these facts. 


We will then be spending a couple of weeks on area and measurement before returning to multiplication and division, specifically within the context of fractions.  A working knowledge of times tables is essential here.


We will be completing two science topics this term: Earth and Space and Living things and their environments. 


During our Earth and Space unit, children will be undertaking internet research into the work of Ptolemy, Alhazen and Copernicus, which will allow them to produce PowerPoints on these significant scientists and their findings.


Living things and their environments lends itself beautifully to our rainforest topic.  We are hoping to visit The Eden Project (virtually) to find out more from their staff about rainforest connections in our lives.  Watch this space!



This term, our main topic has a geography focus.  Children will be finding out more about South America and using maps to locate both the continent and specific countries within it.


We will then be conducting research into Brazil, finding out more about its physical geographical features, the Amazon river and rainforest and what life is like in modern Brazil.


We start with Henri Rousseau, specifically his painting ‘Surprised!’  As a class, we will produce our own collage to accompany our English unit on ‘The Explorer’.  We will also be looking at examples of Brazilian street art and producing some of our own.  In DT we shall be making monsoon-proof structures that would stand up to rainforest conditions.


Our topics for this term are orienteering and dance (we are going to learn to cha cha!)


After half term we shall be focusing on fitness and playing tennis.



Best wishes,


Mrs Sucksmith                                                                                              

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