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Welcome to Tigers


Class Teachers

Mrs K Hookham (Mon, Tue, Wed) and Mrs J Rowlands (Thurs and Fri)

Teaching Assistants

 Miss M Hodge (Mon - Fri)

Mrs Clarke (Tue, Wed and Thur)

Miss Jefferies (Mon and Fri)


Dear Parents,


We would like to welcome you and the children back to school after half term. Last term was really busy and the children settled back in well. They have learnt lots of new skills and have practised those which they already have.


This term our main topic is, ‘Once Upon a time…’. We would really like to encourage parents to get involved. We would love you to read a favourite story to the children at the end of our day. This could be done in person or on Zoom.



Hopefully you have been able to access ‘Rising Stars’ for reading books and we are also giving out paper copies in case you are having difficulties with this. We are committed to hearing the children read once a week in either a group or individually. We need you to read with your child at least four times a week for them to make the progress and have that love of books that is so important.



Thank you for your support with homework, the children created wonderful dinosaur posters last term. The spelling will continue to come home on a Monday and tested the following Monday, Please see in the back of their books for the results of these tests. Please ensure your child brings their spelling book to school each day.



The children are given the choice of snack from the Government scheme. Your child is also able to bring in their own fresh fruit or vegetable snack.


Water bottles

Please send your child with a water bottle every day. There was a lot of spillages, so we have moved the water bottles to a safe place in the classroom. The children are reminded to drink before after play, lunchtime and P.E. lessons. They are also able to have a drink in lessons if they need it.


P.E. Kits

Please ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school. Kits will be sent home to be washed on a Friday. Please bring back on Monday morning.


Parents Evening

Parents evenings will be held on Google Classroom. More information will follow via the news letter from Mrs Hutchinson. There is also the opportunity to visit the classroom and to see your child’s work.


Christmas Nativity

The children will be taking part in a Christmas Nativity. Parts, words and costume requests will be sent out shortly.



Please could we request five pictures of your child that they can sequence in age order and write about what they are doing. This could be as a baby, toddler, four years old, five year old and six year old. It could show them learning to walk, use cutlery, ride a balance bike etc.

Kind regards,


Mrs Hookham and Miss Rowlands


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