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Schools' Football Week

Marcham School have been busy taking part in schools' football week 2024. We started it with the rest of the country on the 5th February but due to weather we have finally finished the matches. 


We started with 

Denman vs Anson 

2 - 0


Duffield vs Morland

1- ​0


Then we went to the play offs. 


Anson and Morland played for 3rd and 4th place. 

Anson vs Morland

1- ​0


And the final was played with Denman and Duffield.

Denman vs Duffield

0 - 1


So the final results were;

4th - Morland

3rd - Anson

2nd - Denman

1st - Duffield

Anson V Denman

Morland V Duffield

3rd v 4th Play Off (Anson V Morland)

The Final (Denman V Duffield)

We've had 4 3 1 5 7 visitors