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The Meerkat Class Newsletter - Summer 2021

  Class teachers

Mr Josh Clack (Monday, Tuesday, Wed (am), Thursday, Friday)

Mrs G. Ferryman (Wednesday pm)

Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Tappin



Dear Parent and Carers,


Welcome back to another term at Marcham School! It is an absolute joy to have the entire class back together and I cannot wait for the months ahead. Firstly, I would like to introduce a new face and give a warm welcome to Miss Tappin, who will be helping us in the mornings during the week. Secondly, we have a new topic to explore and it will certainly put us into the summer mood! As a class, we will be exploring the continent of Europe, paying close attention to the country of Spain. Over the next 12 weeks, we will study climate zones, discuss Spanish culture, taste the delicacy of tapas, paint like Picasso and partake in a Spanish festival. No puedo esperar!


Once again, I will be promoting the ‘Top 100 Books List’ this term, as well as our 20 minute reading pledge! I have promised that I will read to the class for 10 minutes a day and … I must say … it is fast becoming my favourite part of the day. We have already enjoyed texts such as Matilda, Wed Wabbit and Who Let the Gods Out so all I ask in return, is that your child reads 10 minutes a day at home in order to fulfil the pledge.  It is essential that you listen to your child read in order to help build their reading speed, fluency, their use of vocabulary and improve their writing and spelling. I will be keeping a log of the books that the class are reading, as well as sending home a reading record bookmark for an adult to sign. These can then be exchanged for house points and raffle tickets in the classroom. Also, when your child has finished reading a book, they should bring it back into school and exchange it for another, ensuring that an adult in school has recorded it. As the members of KS2 and the PTA have been searching high and low to provide the school with as many copies of ‘the best books to read in year 3 and 4’ as possible, it would be appreciated that the books are cared for when they are taken home.


In addition, please continue working on your child’s 12 x 12 times tables at home, as we are focusing intently on improving Maths fluency across the entire school. Year 4s are expected to be fluent with both their multiplication and division facts at the end of the year so, to help, please use TimesTableRockStars, as well as a range of activities below that can help build your child’s fluency in Maths.

  • Flash cards
  • Hitthebutton (app or for free using the internet on an iPad or laptop).
  • Board Games
  • Chanting/counting
  • Songs (Mr Demaio on Youtube is a personal favourite of mine)
  • Sticking tricky facts around the house
  • Beat the clock ( I can supply you with Speed Maths sheets to take home if required)


Homework for the class will be set on a Wednesday, to be returned the following Wednesday, unless specified otherwise. Every week, I will send out a SpellingShed homework that aims to practice our weekly spellings, as well as revise patterns and rules so that the children become more confident spellers. I will also be setting TimesTableRockStars homework to help motivate the children to learn their multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12.


This term, PE will continue take place on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Each term, the class will focus on one sport in order to prevent cross contamination of our school P.E. equipment. However, P.E kits will be needed to be in school for the whole week as we may have extra outdoor slots available to us. After each week, the kits will then be needed to return home on the weekend to be washed. It is your child's responsibility to ensure that their named PE kit is kept in school throughout the week. If your child does not have their PE kit in school, they may have to use PE kits provided for them to ensure that they are complying with statutory requirements. Children should not wear jewellery in school, apart from stud earrings (which we advise should not be worn on PE days) and watches. Unfortunately, we are still unclear as to when we will be able to resume our swimming lessons at the local leisure centre. Nonetheless, more information will be provided if anything changes.

As always, if you have any questions or wish to speak to me, please let the office know so that we can arrange an appointment. Thank you for your support, stay safe and I am very much looking forward to the new term ahead.

Kind regards,

Mr Clack



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