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Interview with our Vicar

The Tigers have been learning about leadership. Who is a leader, teacher and follower?

Today we went to Church to interview Nick our vicar to find out all about him. Here are the questions the children asked: There are some pictures to accompany this below: 

What is your favourite colour?

“I don’t really have a favourite but I like blue and green.”

Can you play the piano?


How old are you?


How old is the church?

“it is about 200 years old but the tower is between 700-800 years old.”

How do you talk to so many people in the church?

“I can stand in the pulpit and see everyone. I can use a microphone so everyone hears me. We also record our services and upload them on the internet.”

When was the church finished?

“The church is always having small changes made so it hasn’t been finished yet. We want to make the toilet and kitchen area better next.”

When is your birthday?

“16th May 1977”

How long have you been a vicar?

“ I worked in my last church for 10 years, I have been at this church for 2 years and before that I was a youth worker.”

What is your favourite food?

“I like lots of food but I do like eating meat. I like curry and beef from South America.”

Do you like working in the church?

“I do, I like serving God and the people who come to church.”

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